Gentleman's Guide


  • Spontaneous appointments are unfortunately not possible. Each « visitor» has the right to respect and discretion.

  • I don't answer "hi", "hey", "you're free", "how much", "hi i saw your advertise", emoji ... Don't bother me just to fill your boredom.
  • I do not accept any free date "for coffee" and get to know each other.

  • I do not send any additional photos/ I don't make any video.

  • Please do not negotiate the time, prices and services ... for free "out of sympathy".

  • I attach great importance to hygiene, both mine and yours, it is strongly recommended to take a shower and a real shower during the appointment …

  • I am not a "Party girl" Drug&Co... NO. All Safe.

  • Be respectful as I am to you and behave like a gentleman, otherwise I will not follow up or end the date.