Who i am


I am Isabelle, real blonde with very light eyes and long eyelashes that will hypnotize you. My provocative body drawing for love will motivate you. 

A little sensual chameleon, i'm by nature sparkling, teasing and spontaneous depending on the moment and the lover. 

Massage is the most erotic, sensual and tender art that exists, gently awakening each erogenous zone of your partner's body, feeling, slowly feeling a real inner vibration, being touched in the heart by a soft, respectful, passionate or more naughty touch ... The perfect harmony between the fusion of body, heart and mind.
Whether you are a passive tantric lover or an adventurous tantric, shy or expansive, sweet kitten, crazy lion, we will determine the tempo of our date.
Let yourself be pampered like a prince, close your eyes... 
Like a rainbow, a real feeling of fullness will invade you and illuminate your emotions.